Maximiliano Centini

Maximiliano Centini is an Italian born photographer based in London.  He is the Creative Director of House of Centini, Centini Blowdry Bar and Designed for hair. 
Over the last 4 years he has travelled extensively around Europe, North Africa, Asia and the MIddle east. 
He persuaded some incredible photographer like Leonard Viner-Caudrey (composition), Vic Singh (lighting and street photography), Steve McCurry (story telling and portraiture) to mentor him in specific areas of their expertise. 

Maximiliano Centini body of work includes the Fine Art Photography book “Body of Emotions” published by HoC, out Jan 2024.  He is currently working on "Stillness in Action" due out in 2025 and "Explosion of Creativity" due out 2026.

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