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Centini Blowdry Bar

centini blowdry bar

Italian women love blow-dried hair. It’s a long standing tradition to get that weekly blowdry and if it doesn’t last…mamma mia!!!!!

Max Centini left Florence for London in the early ‘90s to join the Vidal Sassoon International Creative Team and brought with him this tradition. Over the last 20 years he designed unique techniques to fit different hair types and survive that bad weather day. A school of blowdry was born and in 2012 he opened Centini Blowdry Bar.

He trains every “blow-dryer” personally in the ‘Centini’ technique and blends it with each unique talent and persona.

So if, like us, you love beautifully blow-dried hair at an affordable price, then this is the place for you.

Fast, young and fun, Centini Blowdry Bar is strategically placed close to Fulham Broadway tube station (only 2 minutes walk). So for that important meeting, job interview or great night out, our team of passionate and experienced hair stylists, are ready to use their skillful tricks to make you look and feel glamorous.

Lots of ADD ON treatments are also available and they can be done whilst here. Beautiful things like our Organic Sulphate and Parabens Free Shampoos & Conditioners for £4 or the Organic Deeply Nourishing Treatments for £15 all from our Wash Bar area. Or our fantastic Shine Shot, an Ammonia Free super gloss to add shine and nourishment for £25.

We have also introduced our BLOWDRY OFFERS and SMART HAIR PACKAGES for you to try this season’s most popular ‘ADD ONS’ and blowdries then be rewarded with a handy discount for being adventurous.




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