We recognise that human activity has an impact on the environment and climate change. For this reason we only use the most environmentally friendly products on the market, take steps to reduce water & energy use and increase the amount we recycle. In addition, we use renewable electricity and offset our emissions carbon footprint. We believe this is not just good for the environment, but means our products and services look after our clients too.

Carbon neutral

We have undertaken an industry first, by offsetting our carbon footprint with the innovative & government approved Carbon Retirement scheme.

This scheme is unique, in that Carbon Retirement buys industrial ‘pollution permits’ on our behalf and permanently removes them from the carbon trading system. The salon is proud to support this scheme in the knowledge that it forces heavy polluters to reduce their emissions and incentivises investment in low carbon technology.

Environmentally friendly products

House of CENTINI goes to great lengths to ensure that only the most environmentally friendly products available are used. Our products are continuously re-evaluated and changed, and currently include:

Cleansing, conditioning and styling products made with organic or natural ingredients and which exclude chemicals and harmful ingredients such as Parabens, Sulphates, Phthalates, DEA, Synthetic Colours, Paraffin, and the award winning Biodegradable, plastic free & non-toxic towels from Easy Dry.