Maximiliano Centini on creating "The Thatcher" haircut.

Maximiliano creates “The Thatcher Haircut” and it becomes an instant success. Click here to read the full article in the Daily Mail 

It’s certainly not the kind of legacy many prime ministers can expect to have.

Since Baroness Thatcher’s death earlier this month, scores of women have been paying tribute to her in a rather unexpected way – by adopting her hairstyle.

One hairdresser, in Chelsea said he had been inundated by requests for ‘The Thatcher’, as the iconic style has become known.

Celebrity stylist Maximiliano Centini says his salon has been inundated with demands for the style and bookings are full. 

‘I have not known anything like this for many years,’ said Mr Centini.

‘We have now done the style for over 100 women, it is a surge. I experienced something similar when the Jennifer Aniston style became popular but that surge built slowly - this has come completely out of the blue.’

Thatcher’s famous hairstyle originated in Chalmer’s salon in Mayfair during the early 1970s. 

The Iron Lady’s first modern look was adapted slightly as she aged but the cut never lost its unique power.

‘I decided to recreate the early look on one of my actress clients,’ reveals Mr Centini.

‘It blossomed from there. The cut looked striking on her, other models and actresses that she knows were soon calling asking for the ‘Thatcher’. At first I found it amusing but now the domino effect has become serious, the demand is too much to cope with.’

‘I immediately fell in love with the cut,’ said the actress.

‘It is the perfect mix of feminine style with a hint of masculine power. I think for a modern woman that is now an ideal balance. When my other model and actress friends saw it they were immediately intrigued. I have been turning a lot of heads.’

Margaret Thatcher’s powerful image - steely and professional, yet always feminine -  was a key part of her status.

However, few women replicated the look during her time in office. Now, in a time perhaps of greater equality, women have happily embraced the look.

The impact has now echoed into Hollywood. Sharon Stone caused a stir at the weekend when she arrived at the White House sporting a ‘power statement’ style. 

Her famous blonde hair was swept tightly to her head, adopting the same lines as the ‘Thatcher’. Her look at the Obama hosted event made headlines across the world.

Italian-born Christina Bellucci, 37, a digital consultant, said she felt the look reflected a modern attitude.

‘This is a strong style and gives me authority,’ she said. 

‘When I walk out the door I feel a few inches taller, it gives me power without sacrificing any of my femininity.’

‘We’ve done over seventy of the styles since the news broke of Margaret’s death,’ reveals Centini.

‘It is a steady flow at the moment. What I like is that women are using it to give their lives and general attitudes a boost, many of them tell me that they step out of the chair with more confidence.

It started with younger girls adopting the style - now they have started sending their mums in! What I find interesting is that every women will have a different image of Thatcher in their mind depending on their age.’ 

Achieving the look is initially a complicated process. ‘Margaret Thatcher paid a surprising amount of attention to her style,’ says Centini. 

Holly Carpenter, a 32-year-old mum of two, said she appreciated the style’s practicality. ‘She was a busy lady, and so am I. Once the cut is done, the ‘Thatcher’ is quick and easy to knock into place and I can run out the door.’ 

Celebrity clients of the salon range from Sophie Dahl to the ‘Made in Chelsea’ stars; we may be seeing ‘The Thatcher’ on our screens soon.

‘I never reveal client details and I will not say who has expressed an interest,’ says Centini. ‘But, yes, I think it is safe to say that more star names are set to take this style back onto the world stage.’

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