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Three-week manicure perfection

We love the sound of a nail treatment that’ll last through to the New Year. The Jessica GELeration three-week manicure treatment fits the bill, and leaves nails shiny, perfectly painted and shaped. 

Tester: Rachel Gilbert, More deputy beauty editor
I’ve always wanted to try a three week manicure (who has the time to keep touching up annoying chips?), so I couldn’t wait to try this new treatment. I was expecting lots of potent chemicals to be used, but after the base coat, my manicurist painted on a thin coat of the GELeration nail polish, which looked the same as normal polish, before my nails were set under a lamp for 30 seconds. That was it!

With 26 colours to choose from, I picked a classic dark red. The manicure took 60 minutes to complete – the same as a regular manicure. I was impressed by how glossy my nails were and they stayed this way for the full three weeks rather than getting dull and grubby-looking.

I usually only have to look at my nails for the colour to chip, but it was two full weeks before the tip of one came away. When you consider how much a regular manicure usually costs and the fact that it only really lasts a few days, I was very happy with this treatment. Would I have it done again? Yes, definitely!

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