The mum blog review Maximiliano Centini

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking, trying out a new hair salon – and Maximiliano Centini is a celebrity hairdresser, who has dressed the tresses of the likes of Sophie Dahl and the Made in Chelsea cast. But straight away his staff at the salon on New King’s Road, SW6 put me at my ease with as much Italian coffee as I wanted, and Max himself is one of the warmest people you could wish to meet. ‘You need a fringe,’ he told me, finally answering my fringe dilemma, and within minutes of being introduced he’d whipped out his scissors and given me a fringe. Already, I could see that this was going to be no ordinary hair dressing experience.

Max and one of his assistants applied the highlights using a highlighting board, which, Max explained, makes the lights last longer because you can get closer to the root, and also ensures a more even colour.

After the colour had been washed out it was time for the cut, and once again Max deftly cut my hair while regaling me with some hilarious anecdotes, before blow drying it to perfection (I always think Italians give AMAZING blow-dries. The proof of a good haircut, as always, is when you wash it and style it yourself – but so far, so good). I left the salon feeling incredibly glamorous and have had lots of compliments about my new colour – what more could a girl want?I’ve already given you a sneaky peek of my hair, but here it is in colour (obviously that’s not me in the black and white photo above).

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